January 28, 2010

Blogspot it is! + Updates + Music

This is definitely easier than Tumblr. I've been spending way too much time finding a theme that shows my profile picture and that's sad haha.

Another 5-day school week and sadly it's my last semester at Cap. 2 years has gone by so fast! I'm still in the process of figuring out where I wanna transfer this fall. I'm loving what I'm learning, but it's finding out where it all fits is what I need to find out. I don't think I know what my real passion is yet, but as I've been reminding myself, I can't strategically plan out everything. :) With all of my planning and overseeing comes unneeded stress!! Which is why I've been drinking too much coffee, overeating, and not exercising. I used to be able to somehow burn calories after sleeping but that has bailed on me haha. I'm not even exaggerating when I say I get tired when I walk up at least 2 flights of stairs. :( Gotta do something about this rather than dwell like I have been for so long haha.

Anyways!! Sometimes I catch Rap City on the Saturday nights that it airs. Of course it's changed and evolved since the early 2000's when I started watching it - I miss Master T. and Nam - but they still play some true gems. One night, this caught my attention:

Ghettosocks is from Halifax! Woot! To my surprise, Pumkinhead (among others) is on his album Treat of the Day. Listen here.

How could I forget InI?!

And something I sadly never knew: Mos' debut into music started with his brother and sister. We all know about him now but wow, young Mos...

ONE MORE! Blu & Jack Davey. So "melty" in my books!!

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