February 3, 2010

God is alive in me again. My heart isn't as hard and closed up as it used to be, but it's opening up to God's word of justice, love, and truth. It took awhile because honestly everything else that our society has fed us - everything that lacks true substance and those qualities - are so conveniently accessible. They're what's "ideal" regardless of their proven history, context, and support.

As much as I look back at my lack of service, I can only go forward and work on the service I've rebuilt thanks to my brothers and sisters. It's amazing to hear them say that God is always, always there with open arms - we just have to be as open as He is and accept the vocations we're called upon. To me, God's open arms present so much opportunity for change and growth which don't lament on "the wrong things" we have done, but "the right things" which we can do.

All of this in light of my re-ignited pro-life beliefs, which I'm slowly rebuilding as well. I'm saddened that I'm leaving Cap this semester and only got involved with the Heartbeat Club late last semester, but at least I did. I will miss it, its members, and everything it has offered me. I'm also saddened that I stopped my pro-life involvement for two years, within which - if we consider the 91,377 abortions performed in 2006* - nearly 200,000 abortions have been performed. Insane.

No doubt is it hard to lead a life striving for justice, love, and truth, but it's possible. No doubt is it hard to stand up for our beliefs vs. widely-acceptable stances despite open forums, but it's possible. The fight for life is possible.

http://www.statcan.gc.ca/daily-quotidien/090824/dq090824e-eng.htm via National Campus Life Network

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