October 22, 2008

♫ Lootpack feat Medaphoar, Oh No - Forever Beef

The other day I was mobbin' to the store to get a snack
Then I heard something creeping from the back
I turned my cheek and took a real quick peek
and then I seen these fake MC's who wanted to beef eight deep

last week at the mall when they got dissed from the lyrics

Now they out for revenge
They are coming for revenge there's no sweat

'cause my automatic mic is strapped
So I dip, hit the corner, turned around, and then I blasted,
hit one but the mother fake MC was still coming

Then I stab to the lab just to gather up the weapons
Put a J in my ear, grab my ear,
and now I'm stepping in full combat

Time for a girlcott.


  1. "WELLUDI" - the word verification for this thing hahahaha.

    Anyway, no it isn't the same guy (althought both are in my Philo class). I ain't a playa! I'm a playa-hata. Hahaha ew.


    wow blogspots frikkn accumulating!