October 3, 2008

31 Flavors of Love - the Ultimate Vday Hip-Hop Mix

Rappers got a lot of love. They got love for their hood, their crew, their moms… They especially love hip-hop and they won’t let you forget it. In fact they love hip-hop so much that they make lots of songs where they personify and feminize their microphone (Masta Ace – “Hold U”), the track they are rhyming to (J-Live “Kick it to the Beat”, Pharoahe Monch “Rape”) or hip-hop in general (Common Sense – “I Used to Love H.E.R.” and a million songs since).

One thing they don’t do too well is romance. If a rapper is speaking with love for a particular female, there are about even odds that she’s just a metaphor. Over here at Oh Word we like literate chicks and they see through that metaphor game right away. They also don’t tolerate too much debasement. Sure a little playfulness and frank talk makes for good foreplay but what honey is going to swing the episode to the back-seat of your jeep if you’re gonna tell her “don’t lie – take it in your eye”.

Running smooth game is about finding balance. You want to set the right mood for sexy-time without being disgusting. You want to let the girl know she’s special without coming off soft. Pimping ain’t easy. And with that in mind we’ve created this romantic and flirtatious mix of 31 dope love songs that should please hip-hop fans of either gender.

31 sweet songs here


  1. Oh my f-cking gad.... your entry just made my night. Thanks homegiiiiiiirl.

  2. love it. and also the music.