September 9, 2010

"Umi said"

After 2 years/4 semesters at Capilano U, taking 6 courses each semester, I was burnt out but I did it. I had the crazy opportunity to travel to some of Central America, volunteered for a non-profit organization in Guatemala as part of my program, spent time with my family in the Philippines, and came home to my associate's degree in Global Stewardship. I'm thankful for even being in school yet inspired by people who've chosen to give back in their families, workplaces, and the arts, besides other areas.

My summer was packed then really chill, filled with old and new friends, continued growth in my faith, and obvs stressing about the new school year. I'm kinda sad that I'm not at Cap anymore, but it's actually cool to be at SFU, another school. I’m settling on a joint major in geography and Latin American studies. I've always liked geography stuff, and taking/applying Spanish in Mexico and Guatemala this summer while taking in some culture was the best.

My hope was to try to get into teaching high school, but for some reason Latin American studies isn't part of the "teachable subjects" list - which sucks but I guess I get why - and I'm not sure if it's for me anymore. Cuz I'm slowly scrapping some of that hope, and finding myself interested in immigration and cross-cultural "studies." Being a first-generation immigrant (first of my immediate family to be born here and born to immigrant parents) and growing up bicultural-ly(? haha), I find those kinda - for lack of a better word haha. Those plans could always change, and I might teach some day, but who knows.

I don't wanna limit myself to a "9-5" career - no disrespect but big, big ups to those who work long hours doing what they love. Again, one day I could be working a 9-5 myself haha - nor do I wanna feel disconnected from the rest of the world and what people are going through. I guess we have a list of our "want to's," but over time I'm realizing that what I want could simply be what's to come - on its own time.

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