February 21, 2010

♫ The Foreign Exchange feat YahZarah - If This Is Love

"Everything I thought I knew, I lost in you
You're turning me around"

Another old but beautiful song that goes in my imaginary "melty" list (haha). Whenever I listen to it, I picture myself living in my own dingy yet quaint apartment with brick walls covered in art and music playing 24/7. I picture myself finished with all these years of school but still yearning to learn more. As much as I'd prefer to be rid of it, realistically I picture myself at a distance from all this parental crap.

It's a constant struggle for me to budge and let go of my ideas, and not take every little thing so sensitively. But If I get lost in the moment, take a breather, just be still, and wait - I'll realize that everything will be okay.

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