June 16, 2009

"The grass is always greener. It's everywhere you turn. You'll see it. Everything you're sure of is up for change"

As you can see (or hear) I'm on that mellow tip. It's probably cuz I spent last week away from Vancouver.

I went to Penticton for work, technically. (Working at the library means that I'm part of a union.) I got to learn stuff about unions I never knew about, and the reality of the need for young workers to get involved. This reminds me of the issue surrounding low voter turnouts, especially that of youth. I can't say it bothers me cuz I can see why people choose not to vote, but what does bother me are the complaints without putting effort into affecting or changing what's being complained about...if that makes sense. At least, the effort that should be put towards one's society, environment, etc. Needless to say, youth, myself included, just need to be educated...especially on so many issues affecting them without any warning. Take this shitty one for ex, which I had no idea about until I went to Penticton:

2 days later I went camping in Port Moody (but a secluded part) to volunteer for a non-profit organization I've been involved with both personally and for school. The kids were awesome. Their actions, stories, and dialogue made me feel old by reminding me of my experiences at their age, and how much I've grown and progressed since then. Their simplicity and youthfulness let me mellow out while proving that my involvement with this organization serves more purpose than for myself or school. It's for these kids, for interacting new and familiar people, teaming up with people, listening to them, and lending help whenever and wherever - simple things that are second nature but neglected at times.

Here are some pictures that I took on my phone:

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