January 28, 2009

♫ Jean Grae - Love Song

I haven't bumped this song in awhile, but whenever I do, my emotions during that time always seem to relate or I'm "thinking tomorrow will be a better day." I'll always be analytical, overthink shit for my own good and cry about the smallest things, but is it weird to find peace in such emotional times? It's like I have this weird, overall comfort with myself despite discomfort in all other areas. Then again, this always comes down to my choice to find comfort in myself. I don't think this is necessarily bad, but when turning to one's self becomes a survival/defense mechanism almost, is that ...weird, too? Hmmm.. "Just for life I'm pursuin' / growin', but hopelessly romantic, still / tasted weather in the bitter climates / love the sunshine better ... tryin' not to have a shallow heart, but battle scars are deep and reachin' to the depth of hell and back / try to give up the grudges / think it's experience and grew from the clutches of sadness" ...meh! I'm all good. I think it's necessary to indulge in yourself from time to time... 

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  1. hahaha yoooo, its dope! looks good , haha thanks :) thanks for the love! yeah no problem shoot right ahead ... i was gonna delete the post because i thought re-define cribs would be stupid. I guess we got one supporter